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The Steve Shannon Collection

Pedestals and brass nameplates for the urns are available.

Design #41
Pedestal with Engraved Nameplate

Size:               Keepsake, Small, Large
Engraving:       Brass Nameplate,
                     Max. 50 Characters Total,                       Max. 3 Lines
Woods:           Black Walnut

Choose from 3 Fonts:

Care Instructions

1) Some urns open from the bottom, secured with 2 screws. Other urns have a cap with an o-ring to keep contents secured. It is also recommended to seal the cap with a bead of crazy glue or silicone.

2) A Minwax urethane finish is used on all pieces. It is recommended to use Minwax Wood Cleaner occasionally when cleaning is needed. Simply wipe with a soft cloth for more frequent light dusting.

3) Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight in order to preserve color.

4) Avoid storing urn in extreme temperatures. Room temperature is best.