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Honor Your Loved Ones with a Personalized Wooden Urn

Nothing can ever replace a loved one once they have left our lives, but a decorative urn for their ashes is a unique and beautiful celebration of life for the memory of a lost family member. A Steve Shannon handcrafted wooden urn is not only a stunning piece of artwork that commemorates a life well lived, but it is also a way to keep your loved one in your home, passing down the urn from generation to generation. We have a beautiful selection of handcrafted urns below to choose from. Once you choose your design in STEP 1 and the size in STEP 2, you can personalize it in STEP 3.


Laser Etched Cap

Some of our urn caps can be laser etched with a name, date, and quote to reflect the special life of your loved one.


Ideas to Reflect a Special Life

fire etch police etch marine etch
Iona-Cross.jpg celtic-knot.jpeg butterflycap

Was your loved one a life-long, dedicated first responder or military veteran? Personalize the cap with a symbol for police, firefighters, the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, or Navy.

Our Irish Urns feature a laser etched Iona Cross or Celtic Knot to celebrate Irish heritage. You may choose another cultural symbol to celebrate your heritage as well.

Did your family member love butterflies, have a passion for gardening, or a strong Faith? We can add many symbols to the cap for a perfectly fitting memorial.


Design Your Own Custom Urn

Families have commissioned Steve to make one-of-a-kind urns they design that are inspired by a unique passion of their loved one. In some cases, we use one of our current designs and change the wood type or add extra detail.


Custom Hand-Painting

You can request a portrait, a landscape, or a religious figure to be painted onto the urn of your choice by Chris Cismesia, a classically trained fine artist and long-time friend of Steve Shannon. To learn more about Chris, click here.



Request a Customized Wooden Urn

If you decide to purchase a custom urn, Steve will work with you to create a beautiful wooden urn specifically for your loved one. Steve will be glad to speak with you personally and work one-on-one to develop the perfect resting place for your loved one.

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The Benefits of Choosing Customized Urns

While we do have a variety of beautiful cremation urns available to choose from, the production of a one-of-a-kind custom urn will ensure that your family can have a memorial urn as unique as your loved one. Here are some of the particular benefits of choosing a custom urn.

    • Capture Their Personality: Commissioning a custom decorative urn not only results in a unique, beautiful visual record of the life your loved one lived, but it can also capture their personality in its design to be forever remembered and displayed. From personalizing the urn with a quote or requesting specific designs to represent their favorite hobbies, there are infinite ways to make a custom urn special.
    • Stay with the Family: Like all works of art, a custom memorial urn can be passed down from generation to generation, while burying a loved one's remains require them to stay in one location no matter where the family moves.
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