Lily Blue Urn


Large - 8D X 10H, 210 CI
Small - 5.5D X 8H, 94 CI
Keepsake - 3.25D X 4.25H, 13 CI
Wood: Oak

As beautiful as a water lily, the Lily Blue cremation urn is a calming celebration of life for a family member or pet. Steve Shannon handcrafts the wooden urn with Oak segments that are hand turned and dyed a tranquil blue. The natural-looking blue color draws out the unique wood grain patterns in each piece of oak, which give the impression of soothing waves. The Lily Blue is available in small, large, and keepsake sizes.

Lily Blue Urn
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Lily Blue Urn
The urn came out better than I expected! It was hard to figure out exactly what the blues would look like based on the pictures and different lighting in each. But it was just what I was hoping for, beautiful shades of blue and almost turquoise! Perfect place for my beautiful mother
Lily Blue Urn
Lily blue
So pleased with the urn. It is absolutely beautiful. My husband worked with oak a lot over the years. I thought the urn was a little expensive, but when I received the urn I could see all the hard work that went into it and decided it was well worth the price. BEAUTIFUL

Step 2: Choose Urn Size

What size urn do I need?
The Simplest Answer: In general, many memorial industry professionals have adopted the following - easy to remember - rule of thumb:

1 pound of Body Weight = 1 CI (cubic inch) of Urn Space

Various Urn Types

Large Size Individual Urns
This is probably the most common sized urn, designed to hold the cremation remains of one individual. The average amount of cremation remains for an individual is usually a little less than 200 cubic inches, so our large size urns work well in the vast majority of cases.

Small Size Individual Urns
This size is commonly used for a child or a medium/large pet. These urns range in size from 75-94 cubic inches.

Keepsake Urns
These urns are the smallest that are available from the memorial industry. Ours range in size from 13 to 22 cubic inches. The most common use of a keepsake urn is to hold simply a small portion of cremation remains. Keepsake urns are most often used by families who want to share a loved ones remains. A small portion of the remains are often poured into two or more keepsake urns, and those urns can be divided among families who live in various regions. They are also used for small pets.

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Step 3: Personalize Urn

Personalization Cap Example


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