Irish American Heritage Celebrated Forever

Irish Cremation UrnThere are not many groups as loyal and true as the Irish American people. These are a people who are proud of their culture, traditions, faith, homeland, and families. Being Irish is a huge part of their identity. That is why many Irish families are choosing an Irish-themed cremation urn as their loved one’s final resting place. Whether the urn is kept at home or in a cemetery, honoring Irish heritage seems to bring much comfort during a difficult time. Choosing a fitting urn style that reflects the family member’s life is a perfect memorial celebrating a special life.

Choosing a Celtic Design

Some of my Irish customers choose one of our 3 stock designs in the Irish Line – the Iona Cross, the Celtic Knot, or the Gold Claddagh. But other families want to express their own creativity, so I have worked with them on a custom design, taking one of my other urn styles and adding an Irish accent to it, like a green stripe, or a laser-etched Gaelic symbol. If you have a personal photo of your family’s cherished property in Ireland, you can choose to have that image hand-painted on any of our urns as well. We are happy to work with your own ideas.

Custom Irish UrnsIrish Stripe

green stripe peace







Personal Customer Service

Each cremation urn featured in the Steve Shannon Collection is a unique piece specially handcrafted; no two are exactly alike. Please take a look at our urns and contact us to learn more about our Celtic pieces. Feel free to contact us at 1-844-ART-URNS to help you with these choices.

Green Peony Irish UrnIrish gold claddagh

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