Decorative Wood Cremation Urns

decorative wood cremation urnsWhy I’m Designing Artistic Wood Urns

When I started to research the funeral products industry, I attended some national trade shows to see if there was something new I could offer using my woodworking skills and creativity. Most of what I saw were lines of urns made of metal that were very plain. There were a few decorative cremation urns made of glass or ceramics. The majority of wood urns were shaped like boxes. 

So I decided to design a beautiful line of decorative wood cremation urns in unique shapes and styles so they may not even look like an urn but a piece of art. The urn pictured here is a limited edition, signed and numbered, Blue Teardrop. I color-dye the wood blue and added an exclusive technique to accentuate the wavy grain pattern.

I have learned from my customers that the final resting place of a loved one needs to be as special as the life they lived. I put honor and respect into every urn I create in order to capture the beauty and blessings of your beloved spouse, grandparent, parent, child, or pet. It is a great privilege for me to be part of your family’s memorial.

Contact us with questions on decorative wood cremation urns for your beloved family member or precious pet.

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