How to Make Wooden Urns

I make wooden urns frhow to make handcrafted wooden urnsom a variety of different wood species:

  • Black Walnut – light to dark chocolate brown in color with a straight and wavy grain, large burls are common
  • Maple – light in color, dense close grain, fine texture
  • Padauk – color can vary from a pale pinkish orange to a deep brownish red, grain straight but sometimes interlocked, coarse open texture, natural luster
  • Yellowheart – color ranges from pale to golden yellow, grain usually straight with some wavy or interlocked grain, fine uniform texture and natural luster
  • Oak – color light to medium brown, grain is straight with a coarse uneven texture, used in some of my color-dyed urns
  • Poplar – light color with a straight uniform grain, ideal for color-dyed urns

My Process for Making Wooden Urns

Here is a brief description of my process of how to make wooden urns from my workshop in Roselle, IL.

Contact the Steve Shannon Collection with questions on customizing a handcrafted wooden urn for your beloved family member or precious pet.

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