Pet Euthanasia

Dr. Tricia Stimac, our contributing Veterinarian blogger, shares her perspective on pet euthanasia. 

Giving the Gift of Rest

Dr. Tricia Stimac, DVM, CVSMT, CVA

Dr. Tricia Stimac, DVM, CVSMT, CVA

Since becoming a veterinarian I have come to deeply appreciate the circle of life for every person, pet, and organism on this earth. Besides healing and “fixing” animals, a large part of my job is to help my patients find rest and peace when their bodies cannot function properly to sustain their quality of life. Throughout the process of caring for my patients there eventually comes a time when they have aged or have such serious medical issues that the next step is euthanasia.

The majority of my clients have done everything possible for their pets by giving them a variety of medical options from traditional therapies to holistic care.  Eventually there comes a time when we do not have any other options to help heal their bodies and they are in the state of suffering.

I truly believe when their quality of life is greatly diminished the next step of care for them is to end their pain by giving them the gift of rest. I explain to my clients the feeling of peace I experience when I am honoring their beloved pet’s spirit by administering the medication which gives an end to their pain. I sincerely wish we had this same dignifying practice to honor humans when their bodies can no longer be healthy and there are no other hopes for a cure. The process of euthanasia I perform is very peaceful; with a brief last breath the patient is no longer suffering.

Celebrating the Life of a Beloved Pet

After their passing, there are many options one can choose from when contemplating what to do with the physical body (remains) of their pets just as there are options for our human family members. Some owners choose to take their pets home to bury, others choose cremation and do not wish to have ashes returned, and yet others choose cremation with the ashes placed in a pet urn to celebrate their life. There are also other options such as pet cemeteries for burial, keeping a tuft of hair, and making paw prints to have as a memorial for their beloved family member.

I truly believe having animals in our lives is a gift. The love we show them through providing them with affection, attention, a safe home, an excellent balanced diet, exercise,  and proper medical attention is just as important as giving them the gift of rest when the appropriate time comes.

pet euthanasiaChoosing a Beautiful Pet Urn

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