How to Transport an Urn

how to transport an urn

I have a cousin who lived in Nevada. His wishes were to be cremated and buried back home in Illinois in a cemetery where his parents and brother are buried. My family happened to be going to Nevada shortly after his death, and we accepted the honor of bringing him home.

Flying Home With a Family Urn

We were traveling by air and I had concerns about how to transport an urn and getting through airport security. His cremains were in a temporary box urn, which was in a cardboard box. We decided to put the box in a carry-on bag to be stored with us at our seat. We had paperwork from the funeral home just in case we were asked any questions. I am happy to say everything at the airport went very smoothly. The cremated remains had to go through the X-ray machine just like all of our other bags. A TSA attendant told us they see a lot of transported urns and know what to check for. The urn must be a material that can be X-rayed in order to check the contents. There is also a brass ID tag that all crematories must include with the ashes and the TSA looks for that as well. They did not even ask for the paperwork, we just went through with no delay. When we arrived home, the ashes (which are always in a sealed plastic bag) were transferred into a beautiful blue Flower Petal urn I made for him. The whole family gathered at Queen of Heaven Cemetery for a memorial service and outdoor niche burial. We all went out to lunch at a local Polish restaurant to celebrate the family heritage and honored our cousin. He lived a challenging life, physically handicapped with Cerebral Palsy, yet we all remember him with a smile on his face and a joke to tell!

Questions on Transporting an Urn

If you need information on how to transport an urn with cremated remains by mail or by air, visit the Cremation Association of North America or talk directly to your local funeral director. Also keep in mind that different airlines may have extra regulations, so it is best to check ahead with your specific airline before bringing an urn to the airport.

Choosing a Beautiful Urn

If you’re looking for an urn that will honor the memory of a loved one, consider the Steve Shannon Collection. The Collection is made up of beautiful and unique hand-turned urns created using the finest natural woods. Contact the Steve Shannon Collection with questions on customizing a handcrafted wooden urn for your beloved family member or precious pet.

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